World revolution or “building socialism”?

Critical remarks on Kontra Klasa’s ‘Notes on the transition to communism’ “We leave to others, to the “technicians” and to the recipe makers, or to the “orthodox” of Marxism, the pleasure of engaging in anticipations, of wandering the paths of utopianism or of throwing into the face of proletarians of formulas emptied of their class … More World revolution or “building socialism”?

Socialism’s foreign policy

International socialism, by virtue of its socialist and international character (that is, qua socialism and internationalism), can neither know nor tolerate any contradiction between its internal and external politics. Homogeneity and continuity of its internal and external politics are for it unconditional postulates. From each side it demands one and the same socialist, international, revolutionary … More Socialism’s foreign policy

Editorial 4 — March 2019

I was This issue is adorned with a picture of the Spartacus uprising in celebration and reflection of one of our class’ most notable battles. Indeed, we are in the process of passing many centennials from October to Kronstadt in which we look back on our class’ most triumphant moments and ultimately, our greatest defeat. … More Editorial 4 — March 2019

Against eclecticism

Many today dismiss the dialectic as a relic of its time, a primitive way of conceptualizing social complexity long since outmoded. Supposedly Marxists ought to adopt systems theory or “upgrade” to some other newfangled methodology. … More Against eclecticism