Left unity

Talk to enough people who call themselves communists, and you’ll hear someone suggest unity among the left. The argument typically goes that any move towards the left is helpful, and that united action by the entire left will facilitate the rise of communism. They’ll say stuff like, “If we could just stop fighting with each … More Left unity

Primitive accumulation in the Amazon

[…] the fraudulent alienation of the state domains, the theft of the common lands, the usurpation of feudal and clan property and its transformation into modern private property under circumstances of ruthless terrorism: all these things were just so many idyllic methods of primitive accumulation. They conquered the field for capitalist agriculture, incorporated the soil … More Primitive accumulation in the Amazon

On the lumpenproletariat

An historical reconstruction and a conceptual critique The concept of the “lumpenproletariat” sits uneasily within Marxian class analysis. It is an unstable, even incoherent category, not only in terms of its theorization but at the level of social reality itself. Nowhere did Marx or Engels or their successors provide a rigorous or exhaustive account of … More On the lumpenproletariat

The birth of socialism in the United States

Workers’ Offensive (This article was written by WO and edited by our comrades who write for Nuevo Curso). “Our political lineage comes from Marx and Engels, the First International, the revolutionary years of the Second and Third, Liebknecht, Luxembourg, Lenin, Daniel de Leon, Trotsky, and the opposition to Stalinist counterrevolution in Russia. The events that … More The birth of socialism in the United States

Organizing the workplace: Strategies and lessons learned in the struggle

In providing you with the background events leading up to the organizing effort, my hope is to convey the full context so that you can compare it to your own working conditions, and decide if organizing makes sense for you. I doubt that my situation was exceptional. You may have at one time or another … More Organizing the workplace: Strategies and lessons learned in the struggle

Remembering Karl Liebknecht

An introduction to “Socialism’s Foreign Policy” Karl Liebknecht was not a great theorist. Unlike Rosa Luxemburg, with whose name he will be forever linked, he wrote no major treatises on forms of protest or political economy (and even had his doubts about the labor theory of value).1 Nor was he a skillful politician. Before the … More Remembering Karl Liebknecht