Call for contributors and participants

Intransigence is a publication aiming at the regroupment of the communist left in North America and across the world, based on shared fundamental principles and broad points of agreement. We just released our second issue, which you may have read, and are looking for contributors for the next issue and beyond. So if you are interested in getting involved with the regroupment effort, forming your own discussion groups around its principles, or in writing or translating a piece for publication, get in touch with us and let us know.

As far as submissions go, pieces of varying length will be considered. These can cover a wide range of theoretical, practical, historical, or journalistic topics, so long as they are relevant to the publication’s themes. Bear in mind that this is a political project, however, not an intellectual clearing-house. You can tackle difficult or complicated subjects, but please don’t submit some paper you wrote for class or indulge in academicism. Clarity is encouraged, and there’s plenty of room for contestation and disagreement within the parameters laid down in the publication’s guiding principles (which serve more as a general orientation than a set of dogma demanding strict adherence).

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